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World Bipolar Day 2016 Shareable Resources

What is World Bipolar Day?

World Bipolar Day is celebrated annually on March 30, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who is believed to have had bipolar disorder. World Bipolar Day is a day to remember that those who have bipolar disorder are capable of achieving great things and to remind them that they are not alone, for the general public to learn more about the disorder from people who live with it, and to learn the importance of fighting the stigma associated with bipolar disorder. 

More Than A Diagnosis

This year’s theme is “More Than A Diagnosis”, as we want to show the public that individuals who live with bipolar disorder are more than their diagnosis; they are capable of living full, successful lives, despite and in spite of their diagnosis. We also want to encourage people who live with bipolar disorder to remember that they can accomplish great things even though they have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and to remind them that there is a very supportive community out there for them to reach out to.

Ways to Participate

March 30: post your photo or video with our hashtags #WorldBipolarDay #MoreThanADiagnosis and #WBDpic or #WBDvideo - include @intlbipolar on Twitter and we will retweet you.

March 30: join our Tweetchat at 12pm EST. The topic is "How are you more than your diagnosis?" Join by going here at 12pm Eastern Time on March 30.


Press Release

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Copy and Paste These Messages for Facebook and Twitter

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