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Zaeli Eliza

judgMENTAL (Filipino)

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“Ginagawa mo namang malaking bagay yang sakit mo sa utak!”
“Puro yang sakit mo na lang lagi sinasabi mo. Masyado mong ginagawang glamoroso!”
“Hindi mo naman kailangan ng gamot eh. Nasa utak mo lang yan!”
“Maging postibo ka lang, kaya mo naman yan eh.”

Nakakasawa nang marinig, oo. Nakakapagod.


Above: mixed media on canvas by Zaeli Eliza

“You're making mental illness as if it's a big deal!”
“You talk too much about it. You're glamorizing your illness!”
“You don't need medication. It's all in your head.”
“Think positive. Toughen it up.”

Clichés, I know.

Learning Through Art and Others

Apart from the mental conditions I was diagnosed with and am being treated for, I am a recluse and an introvert by nature. Even so, neither of those make me remorseful nor ashamed. I admit though, whenever I am “comme ci, comme ça," I still do try to be a chameleon — blend-in so as not to emit eccentric vibes which may make some people uneasy, or worse, appalled.

Zaeli Eliza

Zaeli Eliza is a visual artist and a writer from the Philippines. She is an only child and struggled growing up in a dysfunctional family. Her mother died by suicide when she was 16. Eliza was also diagnosed with, and is being treated for, bipolar disorder type I, C-PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, borderline personality disorder and thought disorder. She managed to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication major in Journalism and a Teacher Certificate Program major in English. She lives with her partner, daughter and maternal relatives in Metro Manila.