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Roger S.

Into the Abyss

My name is Roger and I have Bipolar. This was written a week ago, just after the painting was completed. 

There are times when I am in the “high” of a mania and there are times when I am in the “low” of depression. This painting depicts that frightening time when I am in a flux of uncertainty. I am not quite sure if I am on my way upward into an over-exuberance that leads me to do things that seem wonderful at the time, but result in sometimes horrible consequences. Or am I on my way downward toward the lows of depression that result in the inability to function at all.   

Roger S.

Bipolar type II has been a part of my entire life. When I was a child, my father was hospitalized and given shock treatments, and my daughter now suffers from mood swings that are far worse than mine. I first sought professional help from our small-town family doctor who said I was just having a bout with nerves. However, 20 years and 10,000+ beers later, I moved to a larger community and received the professional help that I needed. My new doctor prescribed medicine for me and, just as importantly, required changes in my lifestyle.

Words Matter

I am now beginning to realize something that never occurred to me before: I “have” bipolar disorder. If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have told you that I “am” bipolar. What a difference one word makes. I “have” bipolar. 

Over my life, I have been referred to in many ways, always preceded with the words “he is.” 

He is: 

1. Bipolar 

2. Manic Depressive 

3. Mentally Ill 

4. Hyper