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Patricia Potts

What If He Won't Commit to Regular Counseling

“You’re right, I’m a terrible mother, I’m a horrible wife, I just can’t do anything right!” I confessed as I faced my husband following his recital of my shortcomings after coming home to a messy house and 2 unkept daughters. 

That night I decided that my husband and daughters would be better off without me.  I left my home and began walking the cold winter streets wearing an old coat only partially buttoned because of my rounded belly finally ending up sleeping in the basement of a stranger who took compassion on me. 

What does a Headache Have to do with It?

Headaches have been my companion off and on for years. I usually take Excedrine and Tylenol and put a cold pack on my neck. I often have to lie down as well. I even suffered with migraines for a time and lived with shots, dark rooms, and tremors. 

Having bipolar has only exasperated the problem because the pain sometimes plunged me head first into depression. 

Total, Partial, and No Control

The couch at the hospital near the bed of my brother felt hard and impersonal. He was facing surgery to have part of his foot amputated as a result of diabetes. 

The medical staff told us he would go into surgery at 11:45 am. It turned out to be 2:30 pm. Since he couldn’t eat or drink anything he was nauseated and vomiting. 

Beauty Can Emerge

The other day I noticed that a plant in my cactus garden began to grow something that looked like horns and then like green candy canes!  At first I thought I should pluck them out because they were weird looking.  I asked a friend what she thought I should do.  She said that maybe that was my plant’s way of flowering. Within a week I found out that she was right! Tiny pink flowers came from what I first thought was ugly. I find analogies all over in nature and this one was another reminder that when we think something is bad sometimes it turns to be good. 

Why Should I Share How I Feel?

I used to think “I hate being depressed, anxious or worried.  Why should I want to share my weakness with others?  It would be like sharing my dirty laundry.” 

Nowadays I think “When I feel depressed, anxious or worried, I know that if I share my feelings on paper or with a trusted friend I can get better sooner.” 

One poet looks at the process from a different perspective: 

If I Had Known

If I had known what trouble you were bearing;

I Want to be Thankful

During my bouts with depression I found it nearly impossible to feel grateful.  I made lists of things I should be grateful for but the feeling of gratitude didn’t reach my heart. It was a miserable way to live since true gratitude brings me a deep, satisfying feeling that brings peace to my sole. 

Not a Problem for Today

I'm not sure where I learned this string of 5 words but it has been a mighty big help in my life! 

Reschedule Your Worries

Are you worried?  Thinking about a loved one or trouble at work? Worried about something you are in charge of or a relationship problem? Have you ever considered "rescheduling" your worry? Can you give yourself 5 minutes to worry about it today then open up your calendar and reschedule a "worry time" a day or a week from now? 

How to Deal with A Negative Person

My daughter was having challenges with her boss.  Despite her best efforts all she got was verbal and non-verbal criticism. “I don’t like that…you need to do it my way…you’re not good enough.” Although she is naturally a positive person, every time her boss came around her shoulders would sag, her nerves would tighten and her day would turn downward.  This went on for weeks then months till she finally felt that either she or her boss would explode.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique - a 6 minute therapy?

What is EFT? It is a type of therapy used for physical and emotional pain.  It utilizes acupressure from the east along with the “power of thoughts” from the west and creates a usable technique that can be used quickly and effectively. 

EFT helps us get from the “fight or flight” mode into the “relaxation” mode.  Women who give birth naturally have learned to do this.  We can too.