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It’s One Thing to BE Bipolar … It’s Another to be KNOWN for it!

When I entered into the world of Bipolar Advocacy, I never really understood what that meant for me or my future. Sure, I had dreams, but they were much happier than what my life sometimes turns out to be.

I’m bipolar, I have bipolar, I struggle with bipolar, I suffer from bipolar …

No matter how you word it or how you say it, the end result is always the same. I have a chemical imbalance in my brain that causes my moods to shift from high to low at any given moment. This is something about me that will never change. There is no cure. It is what it is.

The Sorry Little Girl Who Cried, “Sorry, I’m Bipolar!"

There she was, gathering her sheep. Five, Ten, Fifty … oh why not make it 100 sheep. No need to be lazy! Suddenly a few sheep began wandering off. The little girl stared at the remaining 93 sheep and thought to herself, “It’s only a few sheep; no one will notice I haven’t taken care of them. They’ll probably be okay and take care of themselves anyway.”