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Super Structure

A few nights ago my wife and I were talking, as we have a want to do. It’s very rare that we will sit and watch TV together; we prefer to talk... and laugh. Anyway, as part of this conversation my wife asked, ‘Do you know what you bring to my life?’
‘Trouble’ I answered, half-jokingly.
‘No’ she smiled, ‘you bring spice.’
‘Oh, okay. I think that’s good. Do you know what you bring to my life?’
‘It is very good and what do I bring to your life?’

Passed Judgement

Laid in a hospital bed with a foreboding sense of unreality is where I found myself four years ago on this particular Thursday in March. I hadn’t yet been taken onto a ward and was in a small side room in A & E. It was surprisingly quiet given that it was a busy casualty department or maybe that was just the effects of the copious amount of medication and alcohol I had ingested as a result of rage and despair brought on by a telephone call I received earlier, which I’ll come to in a moment.

Can You See (The Real Me)?

Although neither end of the bipolar spectrum is ultimately, particularly pleasant – especially for a loved one of a bipolar sufferer – if you were to ask my wife Julie which, if she had to choose, would she prefer to deal with she would un-equivocally state depression. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t hesitate to state hypomania and why wouldn’t I? I feel happy and good about myself; my senses are on high alert – colours are brighter and hearing is acute – making the world seem a more wonderful place to live.

Normal is not Normal

Four newly decorated walls and a grey floor. A bed with the headboard central to one wall upon which I sit. Next to me is a bedside cabinet with a book on it. To my left is a window. In the corner opposite me to my left is a wardrobe with a few of my clothes in and the holdall I brought them in. In the corner to my right is a desk and next to it are the en suite shower, toilet and washbasin. Turning my head further to my right I see the door that leads out onto the corridor where there are numerous other doors leading into similar if not identical rooms.