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Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Broke My Heart

I’ve had Netflix and Prime for a long time but as I spend most of my free time either studying or engaged in some kind of outdoor activity, I was late to the party with ‘The Walking Dead’. My friends were positively shocked when I told them I’d never seen the show (this was March 2018) so I decided to binge watch the zombie action to catch up, I’m a sucker for a good sci-fi series.


Why Living with Bipolar is Like A Life-long Game of Chess

Having an invisible illness such as mental health comes with all manner of problems and stigma. I’m very lucky in the sense that I am supported by my family and friends but I often find that thought creeping into my head... ‘they just don’t get it’.

What I mean by that is, even though everyone supports me, looks after me and helps me where they can, they really just don’t understand how intensely bipolar affects my everyday life.

How Xena: Warrior Princess Saved My Life

Every year in January I have a ritual, I re-watch the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess, all six seasons of it.  Xena was a TV show that aired between 1995 – 2001 about a warrior woman of ancient Greece who used to be a warlord but turned to the side of good though was constantly fighting her demons. I would have been 10 years old when it first came out and even then it resonated with me. As the years went by I saw more and more of myself in the character of Xena, constantly trying do the right thing but often being sabotaged by my own mind and past.


Hi, my name is Kam, I'm from Manchester, England and I live with bipolar. I started blogging on the topic of mental health officially in 2015 but I have been writing my whole life. I was diagnosed at age 27 and at the time I couldn't find any support or literature that helped me or even told me that I could live a happy and fulfilling life; It felt like my life was over.  After the diagnosis, I quickly decided that if I couldn't find the resources, I would make them myself.