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Jessi Lepine

Getting Through a Major Medication Change

For many of us who have had bipolar disorder for several years, we may need to undergo a medication change for various reasons.  When you are taking medications over the long term, they may stop working as well as they did initially.  Or a new drug might come out with less side effects and a promise of higher quality of life. 

Managing a Relapse When Your Child is Ill

Recently, my daughter had to have heart surgery to close a hole in her heart that should have closed on its own shortly after she was born. She is 18 months old and is now 7 weeks post surgery, healed quickly and is now considered to be healthy and normal.  But the stress of the situation caused a relapse in the stability I was so proud of maintaining for 4 years.

Coming Out of the Mental Health Closet at Work

Hello, I’m Jessi.  I recently came out with my diagnosis at work on a large scale, by writing an article for our hospital bulletin. The response from friends, coworkers and strangers was so positive that it led me to find the confidence to start a blog about my road to recovery with this illness.  Here is an adapted version of the article I wrote:

Jessi Lepine

My name is Jessi Lepine. I am Canadian, 32 years old, married to a psychiatric nurse, and we have a 13 month old baby girl. I work in mental health as Therapeutic Programming Lead on a Geriatric Psychiatry Program at the same hospital where my husband works.  I am the third person in my immediate family to be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  My first manic episode came one year after my brother took his life in 2005. It was a long road to recovery, and thankfully I have been stable for almost 3 years.