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It's simply amazing what gratitude can do for you and how it can enrich one's life. I am personally thankful for all of the amazing opportunities in my life. Despite being diagnosed with bipolar I have accomplished many things in my life. I have managed a multi-million dollar 4 star restaurant, received recognition from a national magazine, invested, owned and managed real estate, started my own company, and been a consultant for new start-up companies.

I will be ok, I am always ok

 I am scared. Truly, I am frightened by the thought of my disease. At times it completely surrounds every part of my being. The depths of my heart scream out for help, just looking for the right moment to let go. I am wondering if this will ever go away. Do I have to live with this pain and encumberance forever? What happens if I really do go crazy? What happens if I end up on the street? What will happen with all my bills and responsibilities if I end up hospitalized? Who will take care of this for me?