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Christine Saenz

Mental Health Care Packages

Ever since my diagnosis of Bipolar II back in 2010 I’ve worked really hard to get family and friends to understand that people with mental illness should be shown the same kindness and compassion as someone with a physical illness.

Why Suicide Prevention Week Matters To Me


I am three-time suicide attempt survivor; I know first hand what it is like to be in that dark place of feeling hopeless. Battling a mental illness can be an exhausting and lonely place. Mental illness can bully your mind into believing that you are a burden and your family and friends will be better off without you, when it simply isn’t true. The illness will cause you to isolate yourself when in reality this is the time you truly need your loved ones around you.

Christine Saenz

Christine is a lover of chocolate and coffee, a mother to 4 humans and 3 furbabies. She is a survivor of her illness, Bipolar II. She is a Human Resource professional and has worked all her adult life despite having a mental illness. In 2010 after being admitted to a psychiatric hospital she was diagnosed with Bipolar II. That event began a journey of healing and lots of research on her illness. After a long hard battle, today Christine is now deemed stable and her bipolar is in remission.

Loving Someone with Rapid Cycling Bipolar

Love can be the most wonderful emotion. It can bring both joy and sorrow simultaneously. Even the best and most solid relationships can often be difficult. It is especially challenging when a partner has bipolar disorder. This is not to say that you cannot have a good, strong, long-lasting relationship if you or a loved one have bipolar. But I will warn you from my own personal experience with bipolar that relationships are a lot more challenging to manage.