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Aubrey Good

Stepping into the Light

Around time last year I felt like a ticking time bomb. Everything in my life had spiraled so far out of control within the span of a few months that I was wondering if the whispers of suicide in my mind were pointing me to the right direction. At 25, I felt like my overstimulating and busy schedule had been swept up in a tornado, throwing each component to places far beyond my reach.

Mind Games

When making the decision to take an active role in handling my bipolar disorder, I was given a lot of advice that warned of the hard times ahead and the need for patience and endurance. The most common conversations, whether it is with my medical team or peers, include phrases like:

-“Finding the right medication will take a lot of trial and error before you find the right fit.”

-“Healing is not linear. There will be plenty of ups and downs throughout this lifelong illness.”

Hiding In Plain Sight

I am an intern at the International Bipolar Foundation. I spend a few hours a week at the office finding articles, writers, resources, etc. that I believe are beneficial to educating the public on bipolar disorder and also offer hope and understanding. I offer pieces on how to fight the stigma on mental health- suggestions such as, "be brave and tell your story" or "speak to your employer about your mental health needs"... so on and so forth. I spend hours looking for material that is able to represent all facets of bipolar disorder and is relatable to a multitude of people.

Aubrey Good

Aubrey Good serves as the Digital Content Manager at International Bipolar Foundation and speaker on bipolar disorder. As a young teen, Aubrey was misdiagnosed with depression and placed on antidepressants that induced mania. It was later discovered that she was living with rapid-cycling bipolar 2 disorder. As a result of her illness, she has been on a long, sometimes difficult, but always interesting journey toward mental wellness. She is a passionate advocate for personal growth and supporting individuality within the mental illness community.