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Stigma and Psychiatric Disorders: Understanding and Managing Personal Biases

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 01:15

**This webinar has been moved to 2018, details coming soon**

Stigma surrounding psychiatric and substance use disorders can prevent individuals from seeking care and receiving potentially life-saving treatment. Unfortunately, even health care professionals may exhibit stigma around these common disorders. During this webinar, Dr. Friedman will discuss the prevalence of stigma amongst health care professionals, describe the impact on patient care, and offer strategies to help health care professionals recognize and manage their own personal biases. 

Dr. Mike is a clinical psychologist who has been involved in the study and treatment of adults with psychological, health and interpersonal issues for over 20 years. He attended University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate, attended Yale University for his graduate studies and completed his clinical internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Brown University. He has co-authored several papers and book chapters on a range of issues in clinical and health psychology. He has presented his work at both national and international conferences and has conducted several workshops on the delivery of clinical care. Dr. Mike is currently accepting new patients at his New York City office.