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Why Should I Share How I Feel?

I used to think “I hate being depressed, anxious or worried.  Why should I want to share my weakness with others?  It would be like sharing my dirty laundry.” 

Nowadays I think “When I feel depressed, anxious or worried, I know that if I share my feelings on paper or with a trusted friend I can get better sooner.” 

One poet looks at the process from a different perspective: 

If I Had Known

If I had known what trouble you were bearing;

What griefs were in the silence of your face,

I would have been more gentle, and more caring,

And tried to give you gladness for a space.

I would have brought more warmth into the place,

If I had known…

Mary Carolyn Davies

Today I was worried about a loved one.  In the past I would have spent much of my day worrying and imagining how his troubles would effect me negatively.  Today I called my friend Darla.  I shared my worries with her and then we prayed together over the phone.  I felt so much better.  

Sharing our weakness can bring comfort, strength, and insight.  It can bless both of us with understanding and healing.

Oliver Wendall Holmes said it well when he penned, “trouble makes us one with every human being in the world.”



i am always thniknig that when i would fall in love . how should i say that i have a bipolar disorder to my love ??
its so irritatig to me .

I have just had the same problem, took me 5 months to tell him, at first I didn't as I felt it wasn't really his business, I didn't no him that well an didn't no where things were goin an further down the line an feelings developed I was scared of ruining things! Long story short I told him last week, it wasn't easy an I was scared of losing him but luckily it seems I've found a good one, he was completely calm about it all and said nothin had changed , he loves me an wants to be with me! So my fears were for nothing! I'm not sure leaving it so long was the right thing to do but everyone is different u have to go with ur heart and what feels right

dear claire is so good t ohave a person who is loving you enough not to let you alone with ur problem i wish that in my life there would be a person who is supporting and who can understand how much i had go though before so that he wont let me alone in this world .

congratulation to u claire
for have that persen

I know that it gets to be irritating and can sometimes feel like it's going to be a deal breaker with the relationship once the other person finds out. My advice is to bring up the subject of mental health and see what his opinions are towards it so you know how to approach it properly.

I despise the fact that I suffer from bi-polar disorder. It has ultimately ruined my life and I continue to self-sabotage my relationships. I guess I don't know what to do because I "broke up" with my boyfriend of over three years and he hates me now because of my ups and downs and all arounds. I kicked him out of the house one day, not forever, but I needed some time alone. The next day, he already met someone else and is seeing her. I want to get him back, but I'm scared that he'll say "no". It makes me sick to my stomach and I don't know what to do. I go from being fine, to crying, to being angry, to not caring at all. What is the best way for me to approach this so I don't go self-sabotaging myself yet again?

witney may be some people should wait all of their life to find love . but they would found that especial kiss . it remid me of kelly clarkso song : a moment like this !

i really want you not to tell him again please love me come back babe . this person would never stay with u forever even if he come back he would leave u again in ur gray and hard days .
cause they just cant understand us . for us its may be somehow frightening that there would never be a prson who would want us with our mental illness . or this person is all i want i can never find someone like him .
but the truth is the pure love is all we want and this pure love this unconditional love exsit so wait and find another person who want you i mean all of you that include also your fault your dear bipolar and all of ur good feature .....

to tell you the truth in my life i had just felt like falling in love but then i understand it was not love
then i understand i was really foolish to think that i love him ! at that time i ddint know about my disease . but he had understood it from my behavior and he had take a lot of advantages of me . he had a lot of psychology studies and he use it to controll me the way he wanted !
it was really hard for me to belive that he doesnt love me ! and i am just one of his bunch of girlfriend. after that i hate him and break up with him .
after that in this 2 years i had lots of ups and downs but in all of that i never felt loving him again
the only constant thing is hating him in my mind .
cause he intentionally ( with knowing my illness ) and knowing how to control my mind made me adore him
for a ill girl like me it was really hard to push him away . but i did .
and that was a bless of god

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