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Starting Medication: The Dull Factor

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In this video, Sarah talks about the dull feeling she had when she first starting taking medication. It eventually went away after she worked with her psychiatrist to adjust the medication to what works best for her. 

Read more of Sarah’s posts for IBPF here. You can find out about Sarah’s other passion, health and nutrition, at her blog here.


Sarah thanks for sharing your video, I been bipolar many yrs an my husband deals with my highs I always thought normal. I like em but not good at all. I'm not high more depressed now. An I really don't have a support group. Anyways glad I seen this pg.

Sarah: I am also a saved christian. I wrote a book called Surviving bipolar Through God's Grace on Amazon. And I am on Youtube talking about my book. I have a great life, and I take medication. God is good to me.

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