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David Bowie: You'll Always Be A Hero To Me

When tormented musicians perish I overrelate. It becomes more about me than the departed. 

This is about him. 

David Bowie. The King of ‘Sound and Vision,’ crossed divides of age, fame, race, sexuality, politics, and style with theatrical flair and fun. 

In his latest video, “Lazarus,” he sings about being ‘free as the bluebird,’ with ‘nothing left to lose.’

He’s immortal to me. Collaborators like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed say he co-wrote songs jumpstarting their commercial success. Without his help, they say, they’d have remained ‘underground’ forever. 

Martin Kolbe and the Bipolar Roadshow

Martin’s story is dramatically fascinating, full of rises and falls, like the bipolar disorder. In the eighties, Martin was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which kept him away from the musical scene for twenty years. He is just come out with a new wonderful record titled Songs from inside, which includes songs inspired from his experience as a psychiatric patient.Musician/composer Martin Kolbe earned great success in the 1970s and 80s with the acoustic guitar duo „Kolbe & Illenberger“.

I Gotta Feeling

Every time I hear “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas ( ) I am instantly energized.  It brings me back to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver which I was fortunate to go to.  I went to some events and heard this song seemingly everywhere I went around the downtown core.  It was an incredible time and place to be Canadian as patriotism was ubiquitous in both Vancouver and Whistler.  People were wearing Canada flags, anything red, and lots of items with a maple leaf.  Others would randomly sing the