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The Loss of Friends and the Actual Reality of It All

We all know someone or have gone through the experience of losing friends because of a mental illness. I don’t have many friends right now and I go day by day watching my two sisters, my Mom, my Dad, and even going into a store, I see girls laughing together and the sad thing, is that, that was me a few years ago. That was me. 

Some of my friends were wanting to become nurses and doctors and I thought they’d give me the benefit of the doubt, understanding what a mental illness can do to a person but it didn’t work out that way. These were people that I thought I knew, but then they thought they knew me and the confusing thing, is that they did know me. They knew who I was deep down in my core. My lies, my delusions, all showed parts of who I really was but I have no way of telling them that. 

One of the reasons I have been speaking out through advocacy, being a consultant for a bipolar foundation, and speaking at NAMI events is that mental illness at first glance takes so much away from us. For me it was school, graduation, friends, some family, and it almost made myself take myself away from the world. The confusions we have to endure to simply live to the next day when we were at our worst or at that point now should be inspirational to people. People need to hear our stories and see the true reality of it all: that we are people too. 

I just wanted to say, that if you are lonely out there, that I really am inspired by you. We all have this feeling of not being strong enough at some point of our lives but we all are, we just don’t recognize it. Sometimes strength isn’t seen through our eyes or even felt in our body. 



She mentions lies and delusion but stops the flow of going there. She lost friends because the friends saw through the lies and delusions? My best friends walk away because they can't stand drama. I'm toxic they say. They tell me what to do and I don't listen. They dump me.

I hear these words over and over by so many .. That I've put bridges between myself and people ... I don't have any friends ... If they only could feel what I feel when my name and those words are in the same sentence

I ended up leaving my husband and in the process my supposed best friend of 20 years wanted nothing to do with me because of my choices. Then I open up my heart to another old friend that I became extra close to only to have her dump me because she didn't agree with who I'm in a relationship. Now I'm not sure that I can ever trust anyone enough to open up my heart to even bother having anymore so called "friends" I totally feel your pain.

I have had bipolar since I was 8ish. I am 27 now. My best friend and I have been best friends since first grade and 3 years ago I attempted suicide during a mixed episode. She now feels that if I ever have an other episode we can't be friends anymore because I am not safe to be around her 2 children (4yrs and 2 yrs) who I love to pieces. That hurts. I love her and her kids and I have done nothing but support them through everything. I was just hospitalized again a month or so ago for wanting to die and I am terrified of loosing her. With out her I am all alone. Most of my family ignores me and I do not have other friends.

I have lost family they gave up on me when I needed them the most.

My family deserted me, too.

I went through a fire and people didn't wait for me..They went through WITH ME.....and are still loving me...(I can have real bad days..)

I just recently lost my bestfriend. we had a misunderstanding and she just dropped me. will not speak to me at all. wont even tell me why she is upset. she has been my rock and i hers(the best i can). she knows me better then i know me and i am lost without her. my husband died 2 yrs ago and it feels the same. i would give anything to get her back.

I have given up making friends or trying to keep the friends I have. I feel like no one understands me or cares to. My family hates me my husband does the best he can but ignores me most of the time my kids don't listen to me and avoid me most of the time I wish I was dead. And then my husband reminds me that he can't afford to pay for a funeral either so I just lay in bed wishing I was bed while life goes on around me. I so need help but have no idea which way to turn anymore.

Hi Tonya,

Have you tried attending a support group? NAMI and DBSA offer several througout the US. If you need help finding a support group or another resource, email Ashley at

When I married my Huband he was at a manic stage. 5 years with him and he has been quite stable without meds. This year he is very manic. He yelled at his family, friends and myself. His parents and I are trying our best to be supportive and be there for him, however, his actions are chasing us away and even causing us to have anxiety, depression and even loneliness. I know it's sad to be bipolar and there is all these emotions that you can't control but when you behave is this manner it not only hurt you but the people around you. You have a choice to take medication and control. As a loving wife I want to grow old with my husband and it scares me that one day I have to leave because i no longer can stand this. So please if you are bipolar and you do become lonely or alone please take your medication. taking
your medication means you are trying and don't want to hurt us. No doing anything and letting this continue doesn't really deserve empathy.

I 100% agree with you. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have this kind of disorder. However, I am a daughter of a mother with Bipolar Disorder and she has hurt my family and I beyond words. I have given so many chances because I just want my mother's love. Unfortunately, she's not willing to help herself so there's nothing left for me to do.

Yes, I have lost some and the worst was being hospitalized for 2 months and not having one visit from any!
They were my "fair-weather" friends, in good-times only, of whom I cared more for, than they did for me!
It is a sad disease to have, you not only lose family but you realize your "friends" were never, really friends at all!

I don't think I ever had friends. My bipolar is different. I care too much and people notice. I sweat and I really can't hold conversations well or how to express myself. My family told outsiders about my disability so really no one has gotten to know me only my disability. I've made a lot a friends. But usually when they find out they tell others n eventually stray away and be enemies with me an that hurts. But I've been hurt so much I know what's gonna happen. Every time I make a statement no one listen. They jus say. Girl sumn wrong with you. No one has gotten to no me. So I'm alone.

I've come to notice that any of the extreme side of BP that come out are always easily misunderstood. If you're experiencing a depressive episode that is outwardly noticeable (tears, reclusivity) people are more receptive of that, yet make suggestions to you that typically insinuate that you can just turn off the depression. But when you show any sign of anger or frustration, you're done. No one has the time, or enough love to see past the fury; that the anger is a result of profound sadness and fear that can't be expressed in words. Quite frankly because of my BPII experience, I have noticed that the majority of the time, most people either don't have the time or don't care to listen because when you try to tell a story or experience you had (at least in my case) it becomes very difficult to tell the story as effectively and briefly as you can at the same time. Ive been finding myself losing track of what a previously said in a conversation and people ask me to repeat what I said because what I said literally came out incoherently. I've been told I'm eloquent, deep, intelligent, and that I have a big heart. But all of those compliments get blown out of the water the second any BP symptoms show. It's very disheartening when you count all the minutes, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year that greatly outweigh the number of times your symptoms and behaviors ever inconvenienced or negatively effected someone else. One little slip that makes someone feel uncomfortable, or elicits negative feelings in them, all of a sudden those good, wonderful things that you have been called disintegrate in an instant. And perhaps, it's because of a BP person's ability to pay extremely close attention to human behavior, that when we are have any kind of episode whether it be anger, or severe depression, we "accidentally" call others out on their shit and because they're too weak to facr their own demons, they demonize you and exploit your illness to gain the upper hand in the argument by just saying you're bringing up the past and being spiteful because all you do is bottle things up.

My mom was bi polar, she lived a very tough life, she was so strong and went through so much, she is my hero. People don't seem to understand you don't like the way things are either, sometimes your brain takes over and then all hell breaks loose. I was there as much as I possibly could be for my mom, we had our good times and our bad times, we were lucky , she had a good support system, it makes all the differenc .

Thank you for this post about your mom, and for being such a compassionate and understanding person and daughter. The world needs more people like you.

i have lost a few friends and family members in the long daunting process of going in and out of hospitals,not knowing what is really wrong but knowing my diagnosis was not a correct one. Then, I finally found out and suddenly I have cooties or something,figuratively speaking. No one comes to visit me in hospital and everyone thinks I did this to myself. Like I said these same people need to get a grip and read up on bipolar very thoroughly. Not just one article but many. Learn compassion, it's a disease just like cancer is a disease...think about it before you treat someone wrongly.

Very true, very supportive & Thank you for speaking up

Ive was diagnosed at twelve years old. I recently started having severe manic and anxiety symptoms that have ruined my life completely. Ive tried almost every drug out there. Nothing helps. Im basically bed ridden over all this. Been declared disabled from my job and everything. I went to group for years and learned coping skills that made me almost have a normal life. Now im turning 40 next month and everything ive worked for has crumbled right in front of me. And there's nothing i can do to stop it. Its a shame that people like me have no quality of life due to our illness. And that in this day in age nothing can be done to help. Ive been seen by several Dr's and Phsychiatrist and they tell me that my coping skills just dont work for me anymore and that im going to be this way for the rest of my life. Im dumbfounded that there's nothing else that can be done. What's a person like me to do with the rest of my life? I sit/lay here wondering if maybe i did something wrong that caused the change to happen recently. The Dr's tell me no. That its common for bi polar people to go through this for absolutely no reason. Im slowly dieing inside with no where to turn to for help. And that just makes it worse. Groups dont help me anymore. Talking about it just sturrs up emotions and makes me cry uncontrollably. How could i do so well for so long and then all of a sudden out of no where loose all control. Im lucky to have family and friends to be there for me. Real friends i should say. This girl didnt apparently have true friends. Maybe if she had it wouldnt be as bad for her. None the less, people need to accept us bi polar people for who we are and be there for us when we're sick. Mental illness is severe enough that people are dying because of it. Its not something that you just "get over". People need to realize that and be more caring for mentally ill individuals.

I push people away. I get confrontational and defensive. And it doesn't help that no one understands me. For some unknown reason, my husband has been beside me for 17 years. But things are not easy. I can't keep a job bc I can't take criticism. Plus there are so many days I am so depressed that I can't get out of bed. In their lives, I am lazy. My in laws think I'm pathetic. It hurts like hell and takes all of my Will power to function.

Everything you wrote, spoke about me. I hear you and feel your pain. Just want you to know your not alone in this and another hour, another day is a blessing.

I have lost friendships and work relationships because of my bipolar. I'm a nurse and the majority of my friends are nurses or doctors. I thought they would understand having had more insight into mental illness than others. But some didn't and completely wiped me after my first psychotic manic episode. That was a year ago now and it still hurts. I guess when illness strikes you find out who your true friends are.

I miss having close friendships. I pretty much stay to myself and avoid relationships. I have an aunt that I live with and we are close, but even she says I close everyone off. She says she never knows what is going on in my mind anymore. I've been diagnosed for about 2 years now and I'm a completely different person. I don't feel close to anyone and I miss that. People do not understand me or my illness and I have learned not to be so forthcoming about it. I made friends with two ladies that also had bipolar but the closeness isn't there. The one only has time for me when it's convenient and the other stopped talking to me when she got mad at me for making other plans when she stood me up on a girls day. It's distressing not to have close friends and I miss that.

My husband and one friend remain. I had the guts finally to tell my friends and that was it. Quirky up and down oh isn't she fun was gone to them, they could only see bipolar after.

I lost a friend who also has bipolar because of her need for drama and inability to be supportive and helpful to me at a time when I was struggling with a terrible relationship ending. I had been there for her for years, through many struggles of hers. However once her life was stable, she projected her need for drama onto me, despite the fact that I was trying to avoid any in my life which was too full of chaos as it was. She injected drama into my world when I least could cope with it, spread stories about me, and posted nasty comments publicly on facebook about me.
I miss her as a friend, but I had to make a choice. It was me and my daughter and our happiness and stability, or keep her as a friend, really it was a no brainer.

True don't give up

It's a sad paradox: the only people who can truly relate are others with bipolar disorder. Yet we don't make the best friends. In order to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend.

First, recognize that you cannot control other people, how they act, how they react. You only have the power to control yourself.

And that is where this gets difficult, because in many ways the entire focus of this illness is that we do not always have that control but that does not mean we are helpless.

We have learned that certain medications, certain tools will help us to control the illness.

The second step then is to learn what is within our grasp to control and to work within those limits.

If you are in the throws of the illness: cannot function enough to do basic daily needs of caring for yourself, basic hygiene, basic nutrition, basic tasks, this is a sign that you do need help. Contact the organizations that can help you: NAMI and DBSA.

You need to first care for yourself and that should be the most important matter. Recognize that you have a right to feel better and that it is possible to do so.

When you are stable and functioning, then you can extend yourself to join in the greater work of demonstrating to the world that we are amazing individuals, who are productive in ways that as highly sensitive persons make us especially capable.

your not alone , your statement reflects my life like a mirror

These last few years have been eye opening. I lost my family and those I thought were my friends. Feel alone quite a bit. Used to fake being normal but the depression catches up and those thinking I'm doing it purposely or causing them to feel like they somehow failed in raising me decided it was ok to shut me out. Now I just don't trust. Closed off. Feel outcasted and different and not worthy of love or acceptance or even happiness. Don't feel much is worth going on. Don't want to live this hell the rest of my life. Want peace.

Sometimes people just leave because they know you are struggling and it's almost like they don't want to help you. The friends I had wanted the always entertaining clown but when she was down they all disappear bar one who has been my friend since I was a year old.

The worst part was seeing all my family members distance themselves from me when I needed them the most resulting in me going to hospital after an overdose.

All I wanted is for them to try and understand I can't keep going out of my way for them and they can't keep taking from me. I guess in the long run you live with the broken heart and realize that you can't expect people to accept who you are.

I'm know ok with that I live the life of a loner
Anywhere I go I go alone.

It's rare for me to be seen with anyone.

Such is life

I found out that I am Bipolar 1 about 2 months ago. I use to be a social person in the past. I had many friends and was invited to different places. I probably have been bipolar all my life. 5 marriages, 3 live ins and a wild life. I finally settled down and was doing good for awhile. I had my own business and quit the wild stuff. During the time I had my business, I was up and down but I thought it was "normal". One of my clients asked me if I was bipolar and I told her no. My marriages were always rocky, up and down and I always blamed them for it. I remember times of wanting seclude myself from the world and other times wanting to just party. Ok so, I go into caregiving elderly persons in their homes. Help them with chores, drive them to appointments and cook for them. My Mom dies from Cancer. I totally fall apart. I lose my marriage and my life comes tumbling down into a deep hole that I thought I would never come out of. My son brings me home. I live with my dad, I take care of my dad. I was feeling suicidal by that time. I finally have a breakdown and end up in the hospital. The diagnosis is Major Depressive disorder. Take this medication and that. I make friends and Not so much in seclusion. My best friend of 35 years was there next to me. My little sisters asking me to come visit and hang out. Dad and I going everywhere. Then Dad dies of cancer. I am told I have to move and so I do. I have new doctors. One of my sisters told me she always thought I was bipolar but didn't want to say anything about it. She felt there was a misdiagnosis because I am so moody. New psychiatric clinic and I finally get that diagnosis of bipolar 1. My friends dumped me except for 1. My sisters pretty much have nothing to do with me unless it is for their benefit. My best friend of 35 years dumped me. I have many friends on Facebook that know my situation and stand by me. My adult children stand by me. I am not totally alone I do still have a few. what hurts is being pretty much dumped by my sisters. I pretty much stay home. Most phone calls I get are Robocalls. When I do go out, it is to do my grocery shopping or go to my Dr. Appointments. Occasionally, my daughter or son will take me out. I don't have a friend to go for coffee or to a movie with. I am super lonely But after being dumped by friends and even my own sisters, I don't want to make friends again. I don't want to feel anymore pain because of my mental illness. Life of a loner for me too. Yes, Such is life.

Hi Catherine,

Have you tried a support group? If you are in the US, DBSA and NAMI have many support groups around the country. You could also try a website like 7 cups of tea to talk to someone online: If you need help finding a support group or other resource, email

I was hospitalised suddenly age 16 for my bipolar after ceasing attending school. I was in hospital over christmas, and heard nothing from most of my friends. they didn't ask where I was, they didn't care. I was there for 7 months, and came out to have lost several friendships. I didn't even do anything wrong. I'm 20 now and we haven't spoken since. sometimes, people just don't care enough to 'deal with you' when you're unwell. I've learned who my real friends are. There's not many of them.

I'm on this page because I have a friend who is bi-polar. We started our friendship 15 years ago in our twenties when everything was fun and and games surrounded with a lot of partying. Her erratic behavior was considered funny and I thought it was due to drinking. I didn't see the depressive side for a few years. I have picked her up from various places at all hours of the night, sat for hours upon hours listening to her, talked her out of suicidal thoughts, made and transported her to doctors appointments, been a mediator for her damaged relationships, and forgiven her (without receiving an apology) for the way she has treated me, and been there for her to the best of my abilities. I am her only true friend. The only one she has never been in a fight with- because I allow her to abuse me-I know she is sick and I am stronger and I can take it. She has said and done very mean things to and about me due to her paranoia and mental illness- but it hurts. When she is doing well I am supportive and proud of her. When she is going through a tough time I drop everything to help. However I can not say the same for her. She has not been there for me during tough times (too busy thinking of herself) and she is not happy for me during happy times (she told me she was mad when I got pregnant). I have to down play my own happiness and joy when I am around her because I have learned that my happiness only brings her sadness (I now watch her young child doing the same thing-it is very sad). She constantly questions my "motives" and "loyalty". Until recently I have NEVER felt poorly of her. I am so fortunate to have many wonderful long lasting friendships. I have always included her in group gatherings. But due to her behavior, I have been asked, politely, to please not to invite her. She makes people very uncomfortable with her rude comments and she often gets into verbal altercations. Now that we are in our late 30's with families I'm finding it harder and harder to be there for her. Her episodes, paranoia, grandiose, and hurtful actions affect not only me but also my family and children. She says hurtful things about my husband and my children. Her episodes cause so much anxiety to all of us. Our friendship over the last 2 years has become completely one sided. I am her support and she does not provide any positive value to my life. I know she is sick- but it is not like cancer (like I have seen people write). People with cancer do not abuse the people around them. A "friend" can only take so much.

I was letting off steam and wanted to clarify my point. From reading the stories above and from my own experience, many of you DO or DID have friends that care for you deeply. But your illness prevented you from seeing that and appreciating it. Your friends tried to be there for you but your illness wouldn't let them. It's not that they "can't handle it" or "aren't real friends " or "never were your friends" it's that friendship is a two way street. If an illness prevents you from being a friend it will be hard to keep a friend. The article above provides great tips and I wish you all the best. I'm going to call my friend!

Wow your friend is exactly like my best friend she hasn't been diagnosed all of our friends have took a back seat with her I'm the only one left on the frontline she is classic bipolar she went from saying she doesn't know what's wrong with her and wanting to hang her self to over the top happy in a day don't know how to have the conversation with her she has pushed me away then come running because I didn't get in touch with her first she says she is a bad mum and asks why she is alive then she is happy and chatty non stop again you can't get a word in with her when she is in manic mode she just talks no breaks about herself she has paranoia about any friends I get close with. She burst out crying randomly she has unfinished projects at her house she wears clashing bright colours sometimes she goes without sleep then when she crashes that's when the depression starts. She has been horrible to me at times and I have just accepted apologies that were never given. Is she not bipolar? Her moods can swing up to 6 times per day she gets irritable sometimes too. She called me a cheeky bitch this morning in her eyes that was a joke but she will forget she has said it she is clumsy too when she is manic her clothes go very dark when she is depressed she has always said something isn't right with her and she has a history of depression but since I went mental at her in jan this year I'm seeing more. Am I being paranoid or is she bipolar?

I recently lost a friend because of my mental health issues. He urged about anxiety, and getting help. I rejected the help and things got worse. He won't even talk to me. Mental illness has ruled my life so bad. It effects EVERYTHING. Your brain is sick, you do things that you wouldn't imagine, your illness is controlling everything. I am going to be advocate for this so I can save and make a difference in lives.

I was dumped because of a hypomanic episode 28!! years ago, and I still feel scared to make new friends. Had my two close friends die in the past 9 years. My career was set back. My weight was high. My husband's family doesn't know. He thought it was a bad idea. Hid family is very successful. Makes me feel like crap. I also never had children. In some ways, I feel like a loser. Normal people get it easy compared to us.

I had my first manic episode 2 years ago and ended up hospitalized. My 2 best friends visited me and did their best which I appreciated. But after that, I felt treated differently. I was hospitalized again soon after when I went through a depressive episode and that was it. I felt like they were distancing themselves from me. Then one of them told me off about how I was only thinking of myself and they have lives too. All through the years I was always there for them through all their life dramas and down and out times. I NEVER asked for anything in return. Always listening and giving. Then when I needed them it was too much. My other friend who I was closer to through work pretty much distanced herself from me like I have the plague. I'm sorry I got sick but if I had cancer I guarantee it wouldn't have ended up like this. I'm not perfect but I would hope that a true friend would've understood that I was going through a life crisis and not expect me to not be wrapped up in it for a time. That's only normal. I'm stable now and am pretty much alone. But to be honest, that's much better than hanging out with fake friends anyway.

I have known a wonderful woman for over ten years, she was my absolute best friend- we spent so much time together, in her manic and depressive states- when her old friends left her, when her family wrote her off- when her PTSD episodes caused her marriage to crumble.... Through my marriage, the birth of my daughter, and then my son (she threw me the most BEAUTIFUL baby shower for him) and when my husband was too drunk to stay in the hospital with me after his birth, she was there. The whole time she fought to just be happy and to be a good friend to me, and I fought to be the hand to constantly pull her up by her bootstraps and let her know she could do this thing called life.
When my son was about six months old she really pulled away from me, and having two babies in my home filled my time so much that I let it happen, thinking it was just an episode of life we would get through like the rest. We communicated here and there sporadically, until one day she sent me the sweetest message, thanking me for being the only person in her life to treat her like a regular person, and saying the last ten years of our friendship were the best she had. She also made he caveat that if I ever needed anything to just let her know, I responded and told her that even though things had changed she would always be my best friend. I loved her like a sister. More than that even.
Unfortunately, instead of a call for coffee, a week later I received a call letting me know she had committed suicide. I hate knowing she was so low that she felt that was her best option, and that instead of confiding in me that she felt that way she tried to tell me what our friendship meant to her and say goodbye and I misread it in such a terrible way. Her mental illness made her wonderwoman in my eyes. To live every day that she did when she felt the way she did isnincredible. Having her as my friend was the best gift of my life. And I'm so sad thinking of all the things we talked about doing together, and the crappy shows we used to dvr so we could watch together.
Please please please know, no matter what, you all have people who love you so dearly. I wish i could have one more day of her craziness, lol, taking back $500 of bubble bath to the store she purchased when manic, or covering her cable bill, or holding her while she cried about something that happened three decades ago than crying because I will never see her again, hear her laugh, or dance with her during greys anatomy commercials.
Your friends love you harder than regular friends, bc you're more than "regular" to begin with.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like she was a beautiful person. You were a wonderful friend to her. I wish all people could be a compassionate and loving as you are.

Thankyou for your beautiful story Brenda. I was thinking on giving up on my husband who is bipolar because he asked for a divorce and believed that the last 5 years with me with terrible but I love him so much that it breaks my heart to keep him by me and give him more miserable years. After reading your story I want to stick my husband and endure any pain he is enduring to help ease his sadness. After reading your story I want to be with him no matter what harsh words he throws at me.

I wish there were more people like you. You are a hero in my eyes.

To anybody out there stuggling ... hold on just wait it will get better!
I have bipolar type 2 with ultra rapid cycling and after 2 best mates screwing me over 2 strong lengthy relationships i feel like the lonliest person in the world
And all of it is my fault of course my choices my decisions that led to so much pain and suffering .... ive now had to let 2 ladys i truely love be free from my torment ... so i dont suck out all the happiness and joy out of them one is getting married
I self medicate to prevent me doing further stupid things my previous job did not renew my contract after 2 yrs 8 mnths with no explination .....
Everyone and anyone can effect my mood and i feel destined to b alone
I have been decribed as a dementor turnin the air cold with my mood
I dont know which way to turn i just want to smash my phone and fly away n b rid of this cold numbness n enjoy the rays of happiness with someone who doesnt want me .... im so negative even when i try hard not to be ... iv looked at mindfullness, meditation , nothing works the thorts of self loathing creep in the tool kit comes out a few more organise prestine scars hidden from the world , theres just something about the small incisions of pain releasing frustrations n irritations ... i am not crazy far from it , quite interlectual but even with taking 4-5 yrs of diff meds i am nearly balenced with no real help from mental health services despite trying several times , out of desperation i went to addaction where i got more help coping without booze and drugs


I lost all of my friends at the age of 19 and has been trying to mend it until I tried so hard that I saw it was unhealthy. They didn't care. They couldn't see I was suffering. All they saw were the bad, depressing, life-sucking side of me. Slowly they excluded me from their group even my bestfriend until they finally stopped all contact. I knew they weren't real friends because no matter how hard I tried to mend their friendship, they couldn't see that sincere and good side of me. But I'm slowly getting back to almost recover from them, I don't expect a lot from strangers and well I saw that I had no true friend. Even good things come from the bad. Now I'm carefully picking my friends, and well, trust is hard earned. I hope to find good close friends someday soon. :)

I have a friend with bipolar that I was there for but I think she finally broke what trust I had left. See when she get depressed she said very cruel things to me and about my husband.She talked a lot of crap behind our backs. I forgave her a good number of times. She also would go on long months of not reaching out or returning my calls acting mad at me. I'd always be the one to reach out and mend fences. I never did anything worth breaking our friendship over, I mean we all screw up sometimes but I never did half the things she would accuse me of! Finally she would break down and admit that it was her illness making her act that way, she would come to her senses and we'd be good for a while. But she never took her medicaitons like she was supposed to and sooner or later the good times would end and the hateful behavior would start. I lost faith. She is now begging me to be her friend again but I feel nothing anymore. Sometimes it's not that your friends don't wanna be ther for you its because if you don't take care of what you have to take care of you get sick again and then your behaviors will be out of controla nd you WILL do things that hurt your friends.

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My family thinks Im crazy. Friends think Im too aggressive. I know its true..... Every door closes and and every light dims when people get to know me.
I am highly educated but scrub toilets because I end up with bad luck? This is my life. But who cares, & thats why I am commenting on a blog. The world has just always hated me & never helped ( just a ghost). Never a chance. But who cares.


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