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EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique - a 6 minute therapy?

What is EFT? It is a type of therapy used for physical and emotional pain.  It utilizes acupressure from the east along with the “power of thoughts” from the west and creates a usable technique that can be used quickly and effectively. 

EFT helps us get from the “fight or flight” mode into the “relaxation” mode.  Women who give birth naturally have learned to do this.  We can too. 

I first learned about EFT or tapping about 5 years ago.  I tried it out for emotional problems and found it to be somewhat helpful but I guess it wasn’t entirely convinced because I pretty much forgot about it.  I was then reintroduced by Dr. Lissa Rankin and Nick Ortner on a DVD my friend had. I have since found their way of tapping was much more effective.  This is a helpful Youtube that demonstrates EFT: 

Why would I want to share this helpful information?  Because I have found success more than a dozen times over the past few weeks. Sometimes the pain goes away completely. Other times it is reduced.  I have used it on headaches, on a sore throat, on wrist pain, on emotional hurt with our son and with feelings of guilt and judgementalness. I have done EFT in my bedroom, the living room and even in the passenger seat of the car. I have taught it to 6 people who have had help with everything from headaches to shoulder pain and back aches.  Even my 84 year old mom has benefited. 

One thing I do that is different than the video is that I pray before beginning this 6 minute exercise.  Prayer adds peace of mind and has improved the tapping immeasurably.  Another “hint” given by Nick is that sometimes you have to do 3 “rounds” of tapping to find the results you want. 

If you are looking for a fast way to reduce pain, I would recommend viewing this free video and trying it out in your own life.  After all, aren’t you worth 6 minutes?


Hi this is the second time I've heard about tapping. It could really help me maybe with binge eating disorder.

Such negative thoughts lately with the eating disorder and a true desire for physical health as I worry myself into a 'sick'tomorrow. I don't like the fact that a medicine I must take that solves three problems I have makes me gain weight, drives my hunger and slows down metabolism. Even if you don't gain weight, diabetes risk is still high with this med. I have these terrible thoughts about myself, even though I'm on a very healthy food plan. I wonder again if tapping would work.

Hi, I like using EFT when coaching people because EFT is very easy to use and very effective.

Greetings from Germany

Good info . Very helful and useful. Thanks for sharing.

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