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Brooke West

Brooke West

While attending college, Brooke experienced her first onset of bipolar II disorder. However, Brooke West is extraordinary in that she is high-functioning and has managed her illness with a disciplined combination of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques, including Yoga and meditation, since 2005. She is certified as an Ananda Yoga® instructor, an Ananda® Meditation instructor and will be certified in Autumn, 2014 as an Ananda® Yoga Therapist, among the first five to graduate the program. She is a Yoga and meditation instructor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Her passion is teaching therapeutic and Restorative Yoga and introducing mental health consumers and the Yoga community to one another.

Brooke enjoys writing, gardening and fresh food and fresh air. She really credits her dog, Ruby, for getting her out of bed every single day for the past fourteen years.

Brooke is constantly inspired by her sister, D'Arcy, who committed suicide in 1999, a casualty of bipolar disorder.


Hi there Brooke! I'm a fellow IBPF blogger living up north from you in Santa Cruz County. I just brought a puppy Lucy into my home after waiting several years since my last two dogs passed on. I absolutely adore her and blogged about her recently here in a post called "The Furry Antidepressant". Congratulations on graduating from the Ananda Yoga program - that's quite an achievement. take care and enjoy your blogging here @ IBPF. :)

author of the upcoming book "Birth of a New Brain - Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder"

Hi Brooke,

I've read over several of your blogs about yoga and how beneficial it is to an individual suffering from bipolar disorder. I live in NC and it's very difficult to locate any type of yoga programs besides the generic small class. Any suggestions? I'd really like to get more involved and begin learning more about yoga than the poses. Thank you and congratulations on your achievements!

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