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Andrea Piekarski-Susalla

Andrea Piekarski-Susalla was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She attended Eastern Michigan University and Davenport University specializing in Business Management and Accounting. 

Andrea was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in March 2009.  Currently her diagnosis is listed as in remission, although she continues treatment and plans to always do so.  Andrea has 2 sons, 18 year old Alexander and 12 year old Joseph.  In addition to her own Bipolar Disorder she also cares for her younger son who is diagnosed with mood disorder, ADHD and GAD. 

Having gone from extremely ill in 2009 to a healthy, happy, successful, Mom and professional Business Administration Coordinator in 2014, Andrea hopes to share her story to help others conquer their journey in mental health.

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