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Behavioral Health Quality of Life Tool


Take our Behavioral Health Quality of Life Questionnaire here to learn about healthy lifestyle choices to help you manage your physical and mental health.

It will also include an upcoming peer specialist follow-up program, email peerspecialist@ibpf.org to be notified when this program is available. 

I know junior high was rough, and high school is only going to be rougher. By now you've realized that you're different from most of the other kids – they've told you so, but they didn't have to. You've been dissolving in tears for the least – or no – reason. You've been laughing out loud in class about things that no one else understands. There's a reason for that. You have bipolar disorder, and you need help dealing with it. Remember in junior high school when you had that nervous...

Girl Scouts Mental Health Awareness Patch

Our Mental Health Awareness Patch teaches scouts about the brain and it's influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The patch is available for free to Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, and other similar scouting organizations. Learn more and download the activity packet here